Shawn Monteith

CTO and VP of Engineering, iDevices LLC

Shawn Monteith serves as Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering for iDevices LLC, a proud member of the Hubbell family. With over 30 years of digital solutions experience and expertise, he is responsible for accelerating iDevices IP roadmap, digital technology impact, and technical vision. The solutions he delivers impact people’s lives by making the everyday extraordinary. Shawn is a contributing member of Hubbell’s Innovation Council, helping to form tomorrow’s hardware/software platforms and development processes based on SAFe/Agile principles. 

Mr. Monteith joined iDevices 5 years ago and brought a wealth of knowledge. Over the last 15 years, he has been very involved in the development of many start-ups in CT. Providing guidance
and industry expertise to up and coming companies. He has worked for several industry leaders, including United Technologies, Honeywell and Arrow Electronics. Mr. Monteith graduated from the University of Hartford with a BSEET in engineering. He currently lives in Clinton, CT with his wife, Christina.

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