Mark Fredebaugh

Manager of Educational Services, Alcara

Mark brings extensive teaching and learning experience to the Technical Training Manager role Aclara. He began his career working at his family’s water well business both in a field installation and customer service role. Soon thereafter, he joined a small software company as a software training specialist, customer support representative and project manager which further supplemented and expanded upon his technical knowledge.

Mark now utilizes his customer service, training expertise and project coordination background for Aclara. His approach to training is to foster an open, collegial atmosphere where all students are free to ask questions and to pull from their own experience to supplement the discussion and classroom topics for the benefit other students and his own knowledge. He strives to utilize all forms of learning such as e-learning, hands-on, classroom instruction and guided participation in all facets of training be it in-person or virtual to enhance the topics presented for adult learners.

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