Leslie Ensz

Billing Investigations Supervisor, SoCalGas

Leslie Ensz is Billing Investigations Supervisor at SoCalGas, where she is responsible for managing a team that processes and addresses customer concerns about their bills, providing insights into their bills while educating them about available tools to help them conserve. She has held this position since 2013 when the company began its Advanced Meter program. She has been with SoCalGas since 2000, working in different capacities with increasing levels of responsibility, giving her a broad perspective on the company’s operations. After working initially as a Customer Service Representative, she joined the Billing Investigation Team in 2004. In 2007, she became part of the Quality Assurance Team and subsequently became a Customer Contact Center Supervisor. Leslie notes that, “The implementation of the Advanced Meter and all the technologies that came along with it have brought nothing but positive changes to our company and our consumers.”




Session name: How effective Call Center tools can impact your operating costs


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