Gordon Van Metre

Technical Training Specialist

Gordon Van Metre brings extensive teaching and learning experience to his role of Technical Training Specialist at Aclara. He began his career teaching French at Kent State University, but his language skills took him to international customer service, where he continued to exercise his teaching muscles in training new hires and in delivering company-wide teamwork skills training. Technical customer service led to training in more technical realms. Gordon has created technically focused workshops, job aids, and interactive e-learning for sales and technical support personnel.

Gordon now brings his customer service and training expertise to Aclara. His approach to developing training is always to ask first what learners need to do with any information, and to develop exercises or simulations that let them practice doing exactly those things in an environment where they can make mistakes and do no harm. Mistakes teach valuable lessons, and by focusing on real world application, he limits knowledge content to exactly what learners need to perform the task at hand.

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