Gil Kraus

Technical Training Specialist, Aclara

Having been a field engineer since 1973 installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining a large variety of computer hardware including Mainframes, Diagnostic Imaging systems, Magnetic Navigations systems and Robotics enabled a transition to Technical Support at Aclara in 2005. As a Technical Support Engineer the opportunity was available to perform new customer startups where we commissioned the substation equipment and then taught the customers how to use our software.

Instructing new customers successfully made a natural transition to become a Technical Training Specialist. My main responsibility has been to improve and revise the classroom training offered for the TWACS Substation Equipment and TNS software. My approach to training is that my knowledge is your knowledge where knowing the audience and the role they play at their coop is essential. Having attended many company and vendor training classes it became apparent to me that making a class fun and interesting helps the learning process.

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