Eric Young

VP, Industry Solutions, Enbala

As Enbala’s industry solutions expert, Eric provides expertise throughout use case development and system operations. Eric brings a wealth of experience to client engagements from nearly two decades of design and implementation of new and innovative solutions for electric utilities across the globe. He is a specialist in Enbala’s software applications and optimization routines. His extensive knowledge in power and utility systems is essential during the process of configuring the platform to meet desired outcomes. Eric is an accomplished executive with expertise in making sense of the digital disruption for asset-intensive companies and industries. His ardency for assisting organizations move to next-generation digital technologies, analytics, and services, enables for a new and improved consumer experience. With 17 years at IBM and direct experience with large and mid-size enterprises in the US, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and South Africa, Eric has developed leading-edge concepts to target specific business challenges in the areas of smart metering, predictive asset management, demand side management, reactive power management and reductions in electric curtailment. Eric holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.

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