Lighting control and maintenance have been an issue that many utilities are trying to address.  How can my communication networks help?  We gathered an advisory team of your colleagues to help investigate and provide insight.  Together we are developing a solution that addresses these issues.  Come hear from our panelist:

  • Danny Exum - Mgr of information Services – Wiregrass EC
  • Phillip Amaya - Technical Services Mgr – Magic Valley EC
  • Dallas Hopkins - Technical Services Manager – South Kentucky RECC
  • John Spencer – VP of Metering- Oklahoma EC
  • Bob Richardson – Development Mgr - Aclara

Come see Aclara in a new light as we move forward with a lighting control offering with remote communications.  In this session, you’ll learn:

  • About the lighting control offering
  • Get the perspective from several members of our lighting advisory team
    • Why remote lighting controls make business sense
    • How to move a lighting control forward in your utility
    • Experiences to date on Installation and control
  • Lighting controls plans moving forward
  • How you can get involved