Electric Vehicles on the road continue to increase.   What are the challenges and opportunities for utilities, cities and municipalities?  Momentum Dynamics, the market leader, developer and technology provider of fast, efficient automatic high-power wireless charging systems, will walk us through a market overview and an introduction to their technology

The company has developed unmatched technical capability in wireless charging of electric vehicles leading the market in Power (higher power means faster charging), Performance (94% efficiency), Price (unique IP allowing us to meet price targets of major automotive OEMs) and Extensibility (their system can be scaled up and easily adapted to future market trends).

Their platform technology crosses industry boundaries to include automotive, industrial, commercial and mass transit using their innovative resonant magnetic induction system to transfer hundreds of kilowatts of power with high efficiency in any type of weather.

Come learn more about the Electric Revolution in transportation and the exciting new technology being used to power it!



May 22, 2019

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Manchester C