1. Connect the Dots – From Automation to Control

This track focuses on automating and optimizing the efficiency of electric, water and gas distribution systems. You will hear from experts sharing experiences and best practices for implementing automation solutions. We will look at technologies from protective devices, smart sensors, intelligent controls along with analytical software you need to deliver reliability improvements and cost savings to customers.


2. Sidestep Blind Spots – Improve Your Network Visibility

The sheer numbers of devices, transmission and distribution system equipment, and smart meters connected to the grid create new challenges for utilities – managing the mountains of data these assets produce. This track examines how you can employ data analytics in your utility to prevent or minimize disruptions of service within electric, water, or gas distribution infrastructures.


3. Smart Charge for the Future – Modernize Your Network

A wave of emerging technologies is taking shape to solve industry challenges. This track will illustrate what utilities are developing and implementing to modernize their distribution systems and improve safety, reliability, and resiliency. Sessions in this track will cover topics like cyber security, smart cities, electric vehicles, smart lighting, distributed energy resources solar, and smart inverters.


4. Time to Refresh – How to Pick the Right Comms Network

To build a network that supports all utility applications today and into the future demands an overall refresh of your communications networks. This track will examine current and future communications infrastructure technologies to identify which ones best match your current assets while offering the most scalability. Sessions in this track will examine solutions for hybrid (multi-communications technologies) and combination (multi-utility) networks, as well as alternate ownership models. Sessions also will explore the growing opportunities beyond AMI for new revenue sources.


5. Getting Personal – Unlock Your Customer Data

The age of digitization has helped many utilities generate efficiencies across their operational business units, but also has spawned a new type of customer – the “always-connected” consumer. This track will take a closer look at how technology and analytics are transforming utility member involvement, customer experiences, and operations. In this track you will discover how smart speakers, mobile apps, rebates, and bring your own device programs can connect you with your customer.


6. Services and Support – From Deployment to Maintenance

You made your decision on your AMI solution, what s next? This track will cover everything you need to know about deploying and maintaining your AMI system – from deployment strategies and tools, to optimizing your resources through training, to making continuous improvement to your system. Track sessions will cover all aspects of managing your meter deployment effectively, AMI maintenance best practices, configuring your system, and getting the most out of AclaraONE™ software.

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