The STAR NCC (Network Control Computer) is a reliable, end user software to allow a system admin or AMI manager to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot an Aclara STAR Network. With the latest version, 7.6.4, several enhancements have been made to simplify system use, and improve performance.

NCC 7.6.4 include several new reports and UI changes to make navigation and system monitoring more effective. In addition, new features available from upgrades to other STAR network components (i.e. MTUs and DCUs) expand upon the capabilities of the system.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • New features of NCC 7.6.4
  • New reports of NCC 7.6.4
  • Recommended areas of the NCC to monitor on a daily basis to ensure continued system effectiveness
  • Troubleshooting methodology when system challenges arise

Location: Coming Soon

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