We will explore technical aspects of the Aclara Synergize RF solution as it relates to the smart metering endpoints, Data Collection Units (DCU), backhaul options to transport endpoint data to/from the AclaraONE Head End System. Understand the advantages of having a 450-470MHz licensed solution and benefits of having a Synergize RF point-to-multipoint solution in comparison to other technologies and how a Synergize RF Network can meet the utilities current and future needs using one common network.


In planning an AMI deployment, one crucial aspect of having a successful deployment is ensuring all the proper planning and preparation has been done prior to even installing the first meter. We’ll provide an overview of key roles and activities that need to be considered when preparing an Aclara RF deployment as it relates to


  • metering endpoint deployment
  • network infrastructure installation/maintenance
  • materials planning/logistics
  • site planning & licensing
  • consumer engagement & communications.
Location: Coming Soon
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