The DCU (Data Collector Unit) has been a reliable staple of Aclara RF networks for many years. Although it is already a very dependable, flexible, and low-maintenance component of all Aclara RF networks, several new communication enhancements are now available for this product. 

This session explores the capabilities and advantages of the new T-board RF card available for new network deployments, as well as within a retrofit kit for older DCUs in need of an upgrade. The backhaul communication within a DCU can utilize cellular communication and we now offer 4G LTE for this layer of communication with an Aclara RF network. 

In this session, you’ll learn 

  • advantages of a DCU T-board over previous DCU RF communications
  • advantages of 4G LTE cellular communications within a DCU
  • inclusions within a DCU retrofit kit
  • necessary steps to retrofit an existing DCU with this new technology
  • the process of setting up a new 4G LTE account, and how the AWN (Aclara Wireless Network) factors in.


Location: Coming Soon

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