The water, gas, and energy that flows through America’s pipes and wires powers the economy and the fuels our lives and businesses.  However, it seems like you can’t get through a day without hearing about aging infrastructure or large-scale data breaches affecting established companies like Yahoo and Target.  As policymakers look to upgrade America’s infrastructure, and utilities look to giving customers greater access to their usage information, how do we ensure the security of our utility systems and our data?

In this session, we will cover important topics that will help you understand how to secure your system against cyber criminals and look to the next stage in updating critical infrastructure needs:

  • Where are the weaknesses and how big is the threat to an electric, gas or water utility network?
  • What kind of infrastructure updates are companies and utilities asking for from policymakers?
  • How are state energy plans anticipating utility infrastructure upgrades?

Location: Coming Soon


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