So a new rate has been proposed, and your utility is introducing a solar energy rate.  What does it take to make changes to the Aclara meter in order to measure energy to bill on this rate?  How do you reconfigure the meters that are in service for this new rate?

This session will cover the features and functions of the latest release of MeterMate.  Using a demonstration of the software, your speakers will cover the tools that answer the questions above – and more.  Whether you use MeterMate daily, or only want to know what MeterMate can do, this session will benefit you.

In this session, you will

  • see a live demo of the latest version of MeterMate
  • learn the basics of the meter communication functions and how these features benefit maintenance and troubleshooting of a meter fleet
  • see how MeterMate enables the efficient creation of new configurations to meet the requirements of new rate structures.


Location: Coming Soon

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