An Aclara TWACS AMI System represents a significant investment in money, time and personnel. As a valued Aclara customer we want to make sure our valued customers are aware of the ways to maximize your system’s capabilities and performance, not only in the communication system but also at the head end system and remote endpoint levels. This session will utilize three presenters to cover TWACS substation equipment and endpoints as well as the AclaraONE platform to monitor optimize and improve our users’ infrastructure operations networks. It also includes some of the novel benefits our customers have seen by merging MDM data with GIS data.

In this session you will learn:

  • The benefits of upgrading to the latest generation TWACS SCE and RCE equipment
  • The primary benefits of new AclaraONE value added modules as well as collateral benefits for optimizing system performance
  • How merging MDM data with GIS data can be used to market programs to customers and assist in various engineering tasks

Location: Coming Soon


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