Distributed energy resources (DER) as part of the generation mix are steadily increasing. DER consists of distributed photovoltaic (PV), wind, combined heat and power (CHP), generator sets (gensets), and industrial batteries. Power curtailment programs in the form of interruptible load, capacity bidding, and behavioral demand response (DR) are included as well and are expected to play a greater role in the near future. Utilities have seen significant savings from these projects in the form of capital investments on new peak power plants and transmission and distribution upgrades. In a few years growing demand for electric vehicles is expected to raise power in the U.S. and globally, potentially causing substantial stress on the electricity grid.

Demand side management could play an important role for mitigating possible load issues. For instance, demand response programs implemented by utilities could leverage price signals to incentivize electric car loads to respond to dynamic hourly prices as well as time-of-use prices. This presentation will take a look a current and future applications for demand response as well as what the future holds for advanced demand response programs.

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